Today's Predictions for Tomorrow's Internet

Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet

Everything from a Smart Thermostat to having a Video Security System on your front door has become more the norm these days. We are driving around in connected cars and in smart cities that can notify the vehicle that there is an accident up ahead or when there is an issue with the car itself. This is a lot of data about our personal lives that we don’t think twice about! This sensitive, often times, very private information is part of our everyday connected identities. While there are tremendous benefits of this cutting-edge technology, it is critical to understand how to use these innovations in safe and secure ways. The National Cyber Security Alliance has released Online Cybersecurity Advice to help users navigate today’s security issues. Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet is the the theme this week – important on so many levels.

Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet… Be Cyber Aware

One thing that you will hear more and more over the next few months is that consumers need to have their own incident response plan. One of the key concepts for Cyber Security Awareness Month has been that we are all in this together – consumers, businesses, and the government. We have to be the front line of defense for cybersecurity.

For instance, Ransomware is not just an issue that businesses have had to deal with. End consumers have had their accounts hacked and then ransomed back to them. Plus the amount of mobile threats continue to increase as cybercriminals find different ways to compromise and use personal, sensitive information and data.

Cyber Security Month

What Can You Do Today to Protect Your Tomorrow?

Some things you already know, but they are worth repeating. First of all, keep your home and your business Wi-Fi secure. Make that password strong and not easy to guess. It is hard to believe, but 123456 is still the world’s most popular password. Scary, right? Here is an article that lists out the top 25 passwords used, make sure yours is no where on this list!

Another simple step is to make sure you have a backup system for your important files and favorite photos. You can either have an external hard drive or use a cloud backup system. This way if something happens to your system, you can rest assured that your cherished memories and important documents are safe and sound.

Lastly, this one might be a bit more challenging. There’s a new acronym in town that you should know about – Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Your personal information can be used to take out a new loan in your name, commit insurance fraud, and even find out all of your personal, medical history. Make sure to set up alerts for when your personal details are used such as if a new credit line is requested in your name.

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