Latest cybersecurity news

The Latest Cybersecurity News – Breach du Jour

It seems like you can’t turn on the news these days without hearing of yet another cybersecurity breach. Companies small and large are falling victim all over the world to hackers. This week alone the Security and Exchange Committee, Whole Foods, and even fast food giant, Sonic, were in the headlines in regards to the latest cybersecurity news. Let’s not forget the Equifax scandal that started this month out with one of the most widespread hacks yet.

Whole Foods Hit by Hackers

Just yesterday Whole Foods announced in the latest cybersecurity news, that their point-of-sale system in their tap rooms and restaurants fell victim to hackers. Whole Foods was recently acquired by Amazon, but these POS systems were not connected to Amazon nor to the main POS system used by Whole Foods. The hackers targeted the POS system to lift the credit card information. Exactly where these breaches have occurred is kept under lock and key at the moment. When Whole Foods learned of the cybersecurity breach, they launched an internal investigation and acquired outside help from a leading cybersecurity forensics firm.

Sonic Hit by Data Breach that Involves Millions of Credit Cards

The details are still a bit fuzzy, but stolen credit card information has been confirmed by Sonic in this week’s latest cybersecurity news. Banks are receiving reports of fraudulent purchases on credit cards used at various Sonic location throughout the United States. According to independent journalist Brian Krebs, who specializes in reporting on data breaches, 5 million credit and debit card accounts went on sale on an illicit website last week. The investigation is its early stages and once the news broke, their stocks started to tumble.

SEC Hires More Cybersecurity Help After Their Recent Breach that May Have let Hackers Profit from Stock Trades

The Head of the SEC, Jay Clayton, spoke to a Senate panel this week and about the security breach that occurred in 2016, but wasn’t brought to light until just recently. After he learned of the hack, Clayton ordered a full internal review. He shockingly discovered that the breach may have allowed the hackers to make illegal profits by trading stock. He told the senate that determining the true extent of the breach could take quite a bit of time.

No One Can Forget the Biggest Cyber Breach in September – Equifax

Equifax is still fumbling after news broke that one of the largest credit bureaus in the world, was hacked and over 143 million people’s very private, sensitive information was leaked. This Equifax data breach affects more than half of the U.S. population! Then to compound matters, the site they created so consumers could figure out if their information was compromised was also not secure and was hacked. The Equifax saga is far from over and the fallout has only just begun.